Filter Jug Cartridge

R 205.00

With special Disruptor technology, the JoJo filter jug cartridge harnesses a process called electroadsorption to trap and remove even the smallest contaminants from your water. Easy to replace and activate, this filter ensures healthy and great-tasting water for the whole family.

Note: This filter cartridge is only suitable for use with the JoJo Water Filter Jug and needs to be activated prior to use.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Unique Disruptor 5293 PAC-S Technology – removes more impurities than any other filter
  • Powdered Activated Carbon reduces odours and improves the taste
  • Anti-microbial silver disinfects
  • Filters up to 480 litres of water
  • Quick and easy to replace

Product Dimensions:

60mm 130mm