Countertop and Undersink Disruptor Filter Cartridge

R 359.00

The Disruptor filter cartridge is the second stage of filtration in the JoJo Countertop and JoJo Undersink filters. It uses a process called electroadsorption, which creates an electrical field that is activated by water to attract and remove contaminants, no matter how small they are.

Note: This filter cartridge should be used in conjunction with the PP Sediment filter cartridge to prolong its lifespan. It is suitable for use with both the JoJo Countertop and JoJo Undersink filters.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Unique Disruptor 5293 PAC-S Technology – removes more impurities than any other filter
  • Powdered Activated Carbon reduces odours and improves the taste
  • Anti-microbial silver disinfects
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long-lasting cartridge

Product Dimensions:

65mm 262mm